Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 7 (1/27-2/4)

So I have to apologize in advanced for the short weekly email. We are no longer allowed to use our regular facilities because the guy from the stake is out to get the missionaries we swear. so I am at the public library and only have 48 min remaining to email! AHHHH! So this will be more brief than usual! 

So I told about last weeks tour of JPL last p-day. Also last monday we had a really good family home evening with our group. we kind of did a speed dating thing for people to get to know each other better. but because our leadership didn't speak armenian we made it so you drew things about yourself and then showed it to the person so to break down the language barrier. my idea. thought it was pretty good :)

tuesday us and the zl's went to an all you can eat sushi place that was really good and pretty cheap for lunch. then we went and taught a guy whose wife we met on the street and invited us in. His name was Harry and it was super frustrating to teach him because he was so hung up on the trinity. dumb. later that day we ran into a drunk jehovah's witness on the way to another potential family and it was really funny because he thought it was mind blowing that we spoke armenian. not sure if it was the alcohol or the fact that it really is quite amazing. but we have actuallly run into him a few times this week so maybe we will actually get to teach him. we picked up a new potential named Samvel that night who we gave a persian BOM to and he was thrilled to read it. He is an old potential but he had never had the bom in persian so we will see where this goes. he has two daughters and one son who are all married so maybe we can teach them. 

tuesday night/wednesday i went on an exchange with Elder Crumrine, our District Leader, in his armenian/singles ward area. it was kind of like a sleep over that night with lots of pillow talk and then a regular day the next. we made a cake for a mentally challenged guy in the singles ward who had a birthday the day before. then we went and gave a blessing to this lady who is inactive in the family ward but is trying to come back and has a CRAZY life. lets just say she is probably a little down syndrome and was repetative of how she was hit by a car, almost died, abusive parents, got her kids taken away from her for whatever reason she didn't say, and then she was now living with her boyfriend who she swore he was possessed so the other elders might have to go do an excercism or something of the sorts. crazy. all in the life of a missionary! then we had a few cancellations and met with another guy from the family ward who was having a lot of marital problems and we basically were his counselors for the time we were there. then we had our Armenian class that night at the central building. it was pretty fun to teach the basics or armenian. it made me wonder how much i struggled in the mtc! but elder crumrine said i was a good teacher so that made me happy :) but we had the cake we made and it was awesome. then i switched back with elder dicus that night as usual. District meeting the next day with some after meeting taco bell to satisfy the appetite. Had a lesson with our less active Abraham who we gave a blessing to and he still just seems really depressed and down and yeah. sad to see. but we don't know what to do. later we just had a lesson with a recent convert Christine and were talking about setting the goal of getting her to the temple next year! 

Friday we had a service opportunity to move another person but this time there weren't stairs! thankfully. so it was much eazier. then the rest of the day was spent planning at the church as usual. we picked up two more new investigators that night as well! Hambarsoon #2 and his wife with their little son Ashot who is 5. Hambarsoon seemed really interested but his wife was kind of skeptical but i know she will warm up to it. Saturday we had some more Jehovah's Witnesses knock on OUR door at our apartment. Kinda funny. Very confusing teachings they have. then we stopped by some potentials, got three new ones. then we stopped by our potential, Martin whose wife had made it to America! she is very intelligent and actually published a book that she signed and gave to us. its on politics in armenian... probably a little over my head reading level wise. but she was asking some pretty tough questions that we hope to address later this week. Next that night we went to an ARMENIAN WEDDING! It was seriously so awesome. We got invited by Mike and his wife Bridget. It was Mike's cousin getting married and they got married in this beautiful armenian church in burbank that we got special permission to go to. It was awesome and tons of food. It was kinda of wierd sitting at the table with mike's family because his other cousins dad just died and they were really somber about everything but we talked with some of them and it was fun. bummer we had to leave after a little over an hour. but definitely worth it.

Sunday was stressful/frustrating. I had to give the lesson in the priesthood meeting at the last minute and lets just say that one of our members is really not patient with my speaking for whatever reason. everyone else seems to understand me just fine but he has little patience with me I guess. so I was frustrated with him and yeah. later we had a BBQ over at mike and bridgets while they had some friends over to watch the game which I didn't really get to watch but probably wasn't supposed to. hear the 49's lost. bummer! it was so good. home made armenian food. and it is easy to make so i want to make it when i get home for sure. then we stopped by samvel again and met one of his daughters who found it funny that her husband didint' know armenian but we did. but he was also white. and yeah that is about my week and I don't have time to write much more so I love you and hopefully will have more time next week! Happy birthday MOM by the way :) Love you. got your package. I love it. and Dad I got your letters/pictures. Love them too.
Elder DeBry

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