Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 5 (1/14-1/21)

Why hellooooo everyone not in Cali! this week here has been awesome. Things were a little different in light of the recent transfer but it didn't really affect the Armenian work for us. We are special that way :) 

Last monday one of the zone leaders who lived upstairs, Elder Lambson, left for el hambra and he will be missed. But replacing him as elder fochs companion is Elder Tovey and he is AWESOME and hilarious. He is probably 5'8" of wrestlers muscle from Oregon. he has been fun to work with this week that is for sure! last p-day i got a pretty sharp looking haircut if i do say so myself. nothing else happened too exciting but i did go on a split with elder crumrine(another armenian elder) while elder dicus went with elder twelves to do a tour with a guy who had talked to elder twelves before. Elder crumrine were out and about and ran into a recent contact named Martin and he invited us in and fed us dinner even though we had just barely eaten with a less active family with the other elders. it was a good visit but i didn't understand the last bit about him wanting me to say the closing prayer and ask for his invention to be promoted and so because i didn't mention anything about it, he made elder crumrine say another. kinda funny because i had no idea what i said that was wrong when everyone was just staring at me when i looked up. 

Tuesday morning for my workout I got my all time high of 215 push ups! pretty proud of myself. We worked on some flyers for our bible study class for most of the day until we had our lesson with a recent convert Christine who we think has gone back to smoking again so we need to follow up on that this week. The lesson we had after that was with some members, Haratch and Armen. We did a good object lesson on faith with lighting a tea bag on fire and having one person hold it in their hands but you need to have faith that it isn't going to burn you because it floats up in the air when there is only about an inch left. they seemed to enjoy it and we invited them to invite the rest of their family who lives in la crasenta to come to our church or an activity. that night we did our first tour and we had an extra person show up that didn't understand that much armenian but spoke more arabic so his friend had to translate into arabic for him or I just explained in english. the original guy was really interested and we plan on visiting him this next week again with his family but the friend wasn't so much interested but thought he just knew more people think they do. 

Thursday after our district meeting (we just have one new sister in our district and then elder tovey), we went to our favorite armenian place to eat but this time they didn't give us free food unfortunately :/ but we went over after to have a lesson with Varter and her non member husband Vardan. She told us her conversion story and why she started not going to church as much. aside from her diabetes making it so she can't walk any more which we just found out yesterday, she had some members in an english ward she needed to just go to the armenian group and some younger kids were making fun of her kids when they were younger. some people are so rude and they don't realize that their actions cause them to go inactive. just makes me angry. later that night we had dinner with the bradleys and then had to race to our lesson with Hambarsoon where we brought our assistant ward missionary leader, Ashot, to come. the lesson went awesome. we talked about the first half of the plan of salvation and he understood it and we still have a solid date with him for Feburary 3rd to get baptized :) we figured the next day that we needed to meet with him three times a week this next week to teach him everything but we know we can do it. he is progressing really well and is really fun to teach. Friday elder dicus and i had to go to this new missionary training in Arcadia at the mission home all day from 10-4... yeah it was long but it was good. had some lessons from our mission president who is really a great teacher and very knowledgeable (probably why he is a mission president) and the assistants to the president. if you want to know the doctrine of why it is a rule we need to make our bed, look up Acts 9: 32-34. Never would have thought. So not only did we have to drop off some other Elders before we headed back to glendale, but we had a dinner appointment right away and the night just got crazier. we met our member Minas at the church and barely made it on time to walk over to Anoush's house for dinner. we also talked about her conversion and got a good referral of her neice who is a yoga instructer but who visits her all the time. so if we weren't crunched for time as it was, Anoush's lesson went 20 min over, we forgot the projector (for our movie night that night at the church) so we had to run back to the pad, grab it and go back to the church. we were about half hour later than we should have been and our ward mission assistant wasn't very happy about that but there wasn't anything we could do. so we set up and waited for the people to show up...and kept waiting...and kept waiting... we only had four people show up and three were members and one was a guy who was going to the other elders armenian class to learn armenian... none of our investigator families showed up so we were pretty bummed and so was Ashot. And since we couldn't watch the movie (which was monsters inc in armenian) we went and visited another potential, Joey, and he bought us pizza. we weren't at his house for more than 10 min when Ashot called us and told us that he had left the church with all of the projector stuff just there alone with minas... so we had to have joey drive us back so make sure the church wasn't burning down when we got there we just found that the only non armenian was there cleaning up the movie stuff for us. crazy night. 

Saturday we had planning becasue we didn't get to do it friday. we are really going to focus on Mike and Hambarsoon this week to get them to keep all our committments. it'll be good. but after planning we met with Elizabet and Sona with minas and it didn't go to well...we ended up getting off topic about how in the Bom the Lamanites eat the Nephites... yeah so we ended early and went to visit Antonia who should be giving his son Emmanuel this next Sunday the Aaronic priesthood. so we gave him a lesson on that and how important it is for him to be an example. next we had an awesome visit with this potential, Souren, and his family. they have three kids. 17, 10, and 7. We were hanging out with the 10 and 7 year old. I was reading armenian story books with the 7 year old little girl and Elder Dicus was talking video games with the older boy. It was great! they gave us some amazing armenian bbq and we got to schedule another time to come back to see them. i'm so excited to see them again. their family would be awesome members. Sunday was a really good day. Hambarsoon actually came to church and stayed for all three meetings and has been getting some really good fellowshipping. Mike and bridget didn't come but we got to visit them later and teach them a good lesson on their reading and then they invited us to Mike's family bbq and it was great! they kept saying 'I see white boys but hear armenian' and thought it was great that we spoke the language. we ended up doing a push up contest to get mike and bridget to come to stake conference next week but we lost.. but they said they would come anyways. and yeah that was my week and it was great. Thats all the time I have but i love you all and hope you all are doing well :) look forward to hearing from you next week! 

yes seeroom em kez! lav mnatsek! 

Elder DeBry  

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