Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 71 (4/28-5/5)

Well Happy cinco de mayo!! No tacos had yet today but hopefully I will at some point... it has been a great day! But man... it has been one of the craziest weeks of my mission. Seriously. Just a rollercoaster of emotion and curve balls. Just to give a brief overview... There were two emergency transfers made this week, one of which was Elder Tyler going home and just a lot more knocking that was done. That really sums it all up! But before I forget, I have to finish the rest of my email from last week since I ran out of time! 
     Last Saturday morning we ended studies early and went to go by some people that had been found/made contact with during the door hangers. We tried by this family on Chestnut, Vasgen and Gayane, but they weren't home. Funny that his name is Vasgen because Vasgen was an investigator that I had in the MTC. Next was this lady Satenik who Elder Twelves and I taught the week before and we tried by again and caught her outside... basically she straight up told us we weren't her friends and that she wasn't interested. So we made our way over to Rodrick's house and his Dad let us into the backyard and we had an awesome lesson with him about the Book of Mormon. He had some really good participation and thought that the reason why we had the Book made a lot of sense. We invited him to be baptized as he came to know that the Book was true and he said that he would pray and ask if that was something God wanted him to do. He asked if he could come to Church with us and we told him that we would introduce him to the YSA congregation that we have here in Glendale. He was excited to come. After that we headed up to Dryden to continue knocking that street and we got into this apartment building that out members, Hratch and Armen, live in. There were some people who were interested but mostly just people getting ready to go for the day and told us to come back some other time. We stopped by Hratch and Armen's to talk to them and tell them that we were talking to their neighbors. They are not very open to sharing the gospel with anyone that they know. They kept telling us that no one was interested, and yet they are some of the most active members that we have in the group... That afternoon we went back to the church to do our weekly planning and wait for the zone leaders to drop off their car for us to use to go to Montebello for a media referral we had received. We had a really good companionship inventory that week. Elder Twelves has been really stressed and just seems rushed to do everything because he is coming to the end of his mission so we talked a lot about what we could do to make his remaining time more enjoyable. But anyways!  The referral's name was Jasmik and was a super nice lady from Iran and had an older son who had met with missionaries quite often in the area. She said she actively went to her church and that her son was going out of town for a few weeks but that once he got back we could come and see him. As we were about to leave she asked if we had ever been to the Armenian Genocide monument that was down there in Montebello. CONVENIENTLY enough, the monument was seriously right next to the freeway onramp that we wanted to get back to glendale. So we stopped by and were hoping to run into some people. But what we found was a beautiful monument on this nice country club that was covered in flowers from the few days previous that was spent in memory of the genocide. It was pretty touching. I love that Armenians have such a rich history! It is so cool. We headed back to Glendale. Made a stop at Mexi Cali to grab some free dinner before we headed up to Ashots to meet him and the other Elders for whatever reason he wanted us to come over. We walked over and bought one of the sweetest, most sugary deserts that I have had on my mission and honestly it was so sweet it was pretty gross... but Ashot had us dedicate his home before we headed home. 
     Sunday was great. Sunday school and relief society went without much event. I was picked up by Khoa to go to G7 to meet Rodrick. It was Khoa's last Sunday here in Cali before he moved to Provo this past wednesday... But I loved being in G7 again. Still so awesome. Rodrick came just in time for the Sacrament and he loved the meeting. The speakers had some really great applications of the gospel that I felt were meant for Rodrick to hear. Love it when that happens. After sacrament Rodrick surprisingly wanted to stay and started making friends and saying he felt way more accepted there than at his Armenian church that he usually goes to. Unfortunately we had to go because we had an online lesson scheduled with Sam Wigglesworth, Nate Philips close friend who lives in London. It was pretty awesome. I facetimed Nate so we could coordinate what our responses would be to help him most and then we had facebook pulled up to chat with him. It was missionary work being hastened. It was so great! All the while we were sending him links to lds.organd scriptures and such for him to study and think about ontop of what we were teaching him. THE WORK IS HASTENING! The rest of the evening wasn't too eventful. We were a bit behind on the hours we had knocked and so we caught up on that and then we stopped by Vasgen before we headed home that night. He and his family were home. His wife kept bringing us out these delicious pastries and cakes, one was made of ice cream and fruit, that their daughter had made at the bakery that she worked at. Ohhhh man it was so good. Rivaled Grandma Baker's famous chocolate cake! But we talked with him about finding work for his son and promised we'd bring by Ashot to talk to him about meeting up with Joel Kasparian and finding work. He is not very interested but has seemed to take a liking to us. His vocabulary is heavily russian so it is hard to understand him but I seem to be understanding pretty well! 

It was overall a really good week. But hold onto your seatbelts and get ready for a fun filled, curve ball-y week! It's going to be quick just so I can get all of it done but here we go!

     Monday morning. Elder Twelves went on a hike with a G1 member. Before he left Elder Tyler was stressing out and kind of freaked out for whatever reason it was. Kind of had us all confused and unsure what to do. The day went on. Nate came and picked us up. Went golfing. I beat Nate in our hitting contest on the range. Then went and played tennis. It was really hot. Didn't do so hot.. started emailing. Got a call from the assistants and talked to President about what had happened that morning with Elder Tyler's stress. Told him that he was stressed because he thought he was going to english work when the new Elder got here on Tuesday. He asked me how I thought Elder Twelves would take going to English work, I said he'd take it hard but that it was what needed to happen so I could be with Elder Tyler and help him with his stress. Went to Costco with Ashot. Still was thinking about the call with President; knowing that Elder Twelves was leaving. Got a lot of food. Went to FHE which was really fun. We decorated flower pots and planted seeds. I planted basil. It is growing now. Woo hoo! That night, got call from Assistants. Told Elder Twelves he would be emergency transferred to Huntington to be with Elder Wymer. Knew he wouldn't come back to Armenian work. I was put with Elder Tyler and Elder Cook was called to train the new Elder. Elder Twelves really sad. He cried. We missed him.... a little :) 
     Tuesday. Packed Elder Twelves stuff. Got ZL's car. Took Elder Carvajal to pass Rodrick off. Had a really good lesson with him. Set him with a baptismal date of 1 June. Said he'd pray about it. Got lunch at GCC. Went back to pad. Packed up Elder Twelves' stuff and drove to office with Cook and Tyler. Twelves met with President and was told he was the 'sacrificial lamb' for Elder Tyler. Dropped him off to Wymer. Met Elder Tavoian. Cook and Tyler drove back to Glendale. I drove Tavoian and took him to meet Joey. Picked up his bike stuff from Plewe's. Cool kid. Fourth generation Armenian. Met up with other Elders. Went with Tyler to meet with Jerry. He was complaining about the group. Doesn't feel like anyone loves him. Went on to start knock Arden. Met up with Amanda and Brother Bradley at Expression 58 Church. It was super weird. Dancing. Rock music. Speaking in tongues. Brother Bradley singing out jokingly. Asking myself what the point of the meeting was. Coming together to 'agree on something'. It was a good experience though. met some cool people. Met up with Aram. Tried by Edwin. Wasn't home. Talked with Verzhik. Still reading the Book of Mormon. Stopped by Vasgen. Introduced Aram. Got along. Vasgen was obviously just using us to get work and have us help with other things. His daughter makes good pastries though. 
     Wednsday. Drove up to North Hollywood. Tried by referral, Alex who wasn't home. Met lady with Pink hair, Luna. Invited us over FB to come to her band perform. Tried by Yerevand. Wasn't home. Said wasn't sure why we wanted to keep visiting him. Met up with Sam Wigglesworth online. He hadn't read so we rescheduled. Knocked Dryden. Ran into Simoon. Invited us in. Got call from Ashot he needed to meet with us for dinner right then. Had to excuse ourselves and meet him and the other Elders for dinner. Funny, Ashot is trying to get us to go to this new place instead of Glendale market because he doesn't like the people that work there. So dumb. Then went to Fosters for shakes. super good. Went back to Simoon's and finished teaching him. he gave us coffee and I tried to just put it in a bottle so not to offend him. Then tried to finish the night by visiting some people on Arden. Roubina wasn't home. Rushed home to try and give Nate 12s stuff for him to take to Huntington that he had forgot. Ended up wrestling and him forgetting his stuff anyways... 
     Thursday. District meeting. First without Elder Twelves. Lunch at Taco Bell. Got a salad in remembrance of 12s. Taught Anahid with Nate. Showed Easter video and read Alma 7. Powerful lesson. Then taught Sam on FB. Read the BofM with him over FB. Asked a lot of questions. Understood it was a needed preparation for baptism and the Celestial kingdom. Went to knock Burchett. Got called a cult at a door. Met nice Armenian family from Iran, Annie and Lida. Gave us water. Had a lot of questions. Told us to come back. Bradley's for dinner. Sat at the head of the table at the senior missionary. weird. AFter dinner tried by Haik and Annie. Weren't home. Drove to referral in shadow hills. Large gate that was impenetrable. Saw a car that legitimately looked like a toaster that had bread in it. Last stop, Vasgen. Wasn't home. 
     Friday. Worked out with Nate in the morning. Almost six months to sexy! Gotta start early. Went to Church to weekly plan. didn't even start. Got call from President that he wanted to meet with Elder Tyler. Drove there. On way, got a call from his Dad. I didn't let him answer it. President met with Tyler. Called me in after a while. Elder tyler was upset. They told me what was going on. He was being sent home to have some more medical help with his stress issues so it wouldn't cause harm to him or other missionaries. [I'll kind of explain this situation in greater depth so you understand. The whole time I have been in Armenian work with Elder Tyler he has almost been complaining of how stressed he has been and used his depression as an excuse. When things would get stressful for him he would kind of act out, kind of by throwing a temper tantrum would be the best way to describe it. Example, kicking workout equipment, pretending to throw things at Elder Twelves (but not really pretending...), hitting the walls, hitting himself. Stuff like that. At the time we just thought he was being immature and didn't think anything of it.] But in the interview with President friday President explained that he had followed protocol and reported his stress to the missionary department and they and the Brethren made the decision that Elder Tyler would receive the best and most time efficient help back in Salt Lake. It was hard for us to hear but I know it is for his best interest. He is coming back out, don't worry! I just hope he and his parents don't try and rush it just to get him back out here but that he really learns to deal with his stress. But we drove back to the church. I gave him a blessing. He wanted to go out and get to work so we did. Started knocking Dryden. Found a new family. Violet and Sako. Invited us in and taught the restoration. Set a return appointment for tonight. Should be good. Then drove up to La Canada to surprise Elder Tyler with his favorite type of food, Mexican. had a good dinner with the other Elders and Nate. Drove out to NoHo and visted Hakob. Said that day his wallet had gotten stolen but he had got it back. Was headed out so couldn't meet with us. Tried by a member in NoHo. Found out she and her husband were endowed and married in the temple. Go to the Hollywood ward. Last stop, taught Verzhik and Edwin. Had a great lesson with them. he was busy with work. Wasn't able to read, so we read with them. Read 1 Nephi 2. Talked about them traveling through the wilderness and preparing for the waters of baptism. Understand that they are preparing for baptism, just don't feel like they are ready yet. That night, had to call the Assistants and ask who would my companion be the next morning when I dropped Tyler off at the office. They didn't know what was happening. Called back and told me that 12s would be my comp. 
     Saturday. Took Tyler to the office. He wasn't in good spirits but was strong. Met with 12s. Got some wendy's. Went to huntington to pick up his stuff. Stopped by south pas to visit. Rubios for lunch with cook and tavoian. met up with noho zl's and knocked for a few hours. met a family of armenians having a garage sale. they loved that i spoke armenian. gave us ice cream. taught them the restoration. it was awesome. had some good knocking contacts. Elder ehinger was a good kid. bit odd but nice! I guess their mission has different rules. a bit more strict. went back to church. practiced haka. performed haka at the ward luau. it was awesome. check my facebook and it should be there. Then went up and taught alina and her son haik. haik was awesome. was interested in what we had to say. cool guy. not sure much will come from it though. 
     Sunday. Translated in sunday school. taught relief society. Edwin came to church. Had a break the fast at church. 33 members came to church. did weekly planning. went to northridge. one person didn't exsist. next one the wife closed the door on us. final one had a lot of questions, Jora and we had a lesson with him. set up a return appointment for next sunday. too bad he lives so far away. final, met with Helga. Had a good lesson on doing our part in the group. we're going to be a branch soon! it was good :)

Wooohooo! I finished my week. I love you all. Hopefully you will have a splendid week. I will talk to you family on Sunday! Still not sure what time but I'll somehow let you know! Probably be around 4pm my time. so 5 utah time. and so on. Love you! Adios! 

Elder DeBry

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