Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week 75 (5/26-6/2)

Well it's a new month again. Can't believe it. I'm turning 21 this month. That is weird. Elder Twelves goes home next month (which means he can no longer drive for the duration of his mission. Meaning I get to drive all the time now :)). That is even weirder. But some great things that have happened include: more new investigator families, Sister Nelsen came to visit (a sister missionary who went to Armenia who was in my MTC district), it not being quite as hot this week and we had stake conference! that is all that comes to mind right now but I know there are more highlights! 

     Last Monday: gator ball/wilson ball for 3 hours; visited Jerry in hospital - lots of pain; visited Davtians - Heno is back and he cooked us cow liver; Knocked on Loraine - met Mateos and Ohsan, nice older couple, hard of hearing. 

     Tuesday: Office max to print visiting teaching message; GCC for lunch - trying to work on Elisse's boyfriend taking the lessons; road trip to Reseda - tried by referral, mechanic shop for other mission; Knocked Linden - Two people in a row said no to giving us water, met one guy said we aren't armenian and don't have the right to speak Armenian and got really mad at us, had to climb a few fences, got kicked out of a building, young girl muslim referral for G7 Sisters, ate at Glendale Market with Sister Nelsen - introduced her to Alex and they loved that she served in Armenia, she told us how the work was going in Armenia and taught us the local lingo, we taught her the new method of teaching; went on splits with Ashot and Sister Nelsen to visit new families, visited Angela (Edik was working) and reviewed the Restoration, she wants a Russian copy of the Book of Mormon, Sister Nelsen awesome teacher/great missionary, Tried by Zaven and found out he was living with Jehovah's Witnesses, met the owner of the house and he told us we were fine to come visit him but they had family over and weren't able to teach that night; Got ice cream at McDonalds with Ashot and back to church. 

Wednesday: drove to burbank to visit potentials on Cypress and San Jose, neither were home; Ninet, whose brother is an Armenian member in Montebello, was not home again on our set appointment; Knocked on Linden and Thompson, met this Armenian family that was moving their mother's possessions into storage or donating it, they gave us a bunch of pots and fans, stopped by Margaret and her husband was home and told us to go away again, met this Armenian guy George on the steps of his apartment - told us that his wife just passed away and that we could visit him, Met another couple Melina and Rodrick who said we could come back tomorrow; met up with Bradley and taught a family we met a few weeks ago at the Kate Hansen fireside - Frieda Havsepian and her boys Sehbou and Shant, taught them all three lessons and some of the commandments in an hour because they had so many questions and wanted to know more, so cool and testimony builder that the gospel flows naturally when we ask the right questions and are directed by the spirit, they had one of the nicest bathrooms I have seen in a home; had dinner at Panda with Bro Bradley; knocked Loraine: met a YSA less active that just moved here and is living with her boyfriend and his brother, taught this other girl Brooklyn on her pourch our purpose as missionaries and she wanted to ask more questions online. 

Thursday: District meeting - new sister, Sister Tonga,  from San Jose, she didn't go to the MTC, got revelation that God allows bad things to happen because it compels us to do good in the world (example of starving children motivates us to be charitable and improve their situation); Lunch at pad; biked to Goorgen - wasn't home; Knocked Thompson - met this awesome guy from Armenia, Edward; Knocked Linden - taught Chris, didn't want to hear about the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith, just wanted to talk about Christ, had dog named bubbles; dinner with Bradley's; Vists with Bradley - Saw Edik and Angela, still working on their kitchen and weren't able to meet, daughter is getting married at the end of the month; taught their neighbor Ruba and husband, Ely, and their two daughters Tanya and Natalia, really enjoyed what we taught, thought we were teaching good morals and helping families, said really busy and not sure if we could plan another time to meet, their daughter Natalia said the closing prayer; stopped by Zaven's apartment again, met Raffi's son John who is also a Jehovah's Witness, wanted to argue with us and discuss scripture, closed door and wouldn't let us talk to Zaven even though he was home; taught Christina Avoian - really concerned about Christine Hagopian, said she had been in contact with her and had her visit her home, had a good chat, she is doing great missionary work and prayed with her and felt sad, could see a difference that she wasn't going to church anymore. 

Friday: Weekly planning - took an ice cream break with Nate, long companionship inventory with Twelves how he can finish strong his last transfer; Knocked: not much; stopped by Rocket Fizz - saw/talked with Roxanne; went to NoHo, tried by referrals - met jasmin, super nice and wants us  to visit the place she works at. 

Saturday: Knocked with leadership - I went with Cook, met some good potential that wanted us to come to their church; Went to lunch with Debra - g7 sisters came; Knocked with Burbank Zone leaders - went with Elder Ford, met nice jehovah witness family that were Armenian, got some good return appointments for the other elders; went to Tujunga and taught Iskui and Alina - taught the Book of Mormon, Iskui had a lot of questions, soft baptismal invite that she said she would be open to, really good lesson and Alina is going to start reading again. 

Sunday: Stake conference - translated, President and Sister becerra gave awesome talks, temple president gave awesome talk, President Morgan called the congregation to repentance, it was awesome; visited Jerry in the hospital again, got moved to the psychiatric wing because he said he felt like he wanted to die; coordinated with bradley, had dinner; Taught a new family - Edward and Roubina who invited us in and wanted to hear about our difference, relatively new to US, wanted us to come back to feel the spirit; biked to Alameda - Edik not able to meet; Zaven moved into his own apartment with his family; Visited Helga and had a good review on stake conference. 

Sorry it is so brief but I didn't have much time. I love you all! Happy June! 

Elder DeBry

Just realized this never sent from last week....

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