Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 1 (12/24/12)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!!!!! Wow I can't believe I have already been here for a week. It has been really rough adjusting not going to lie but it has been great and I've loved it. I miss the MTC but I know here is where the real fun will happen. But just a heads up, I don't have a ton of time to email. Since it is Christmas Eve, the libraries are closed and for some reason so is the family history center in our church so we can't email there. so instead, we are here in the APPLE STORE emailing. we are pretty genius. So as you could have guessed, my preparation days are on mondays and so far it has been good. a lot more relaxing than the ones in the MTC that is for sure!! but I'll get to my week. it'll be short but I will be calling tomorrow for christmas. I'm not 112% positive when I'll be calling but I should be able to call around 3-4 California time tomorrow. But please please please keep in mind that I only have AN HOUR to talk so that means when I have to go when I have to go. But I'm sure none of you would try and delay me getting off the phone....MOM.... :)

But anyways. Weeekly highlights. Tuesday was an early morning with having to wake up at 330AM, it was rough. I got to call mom and sure enough she even showed up at the airport even though I told her not to. No worries i still love you.. Just against the rules that is all :) I landed and met my Mission President. He is awesome. President Baccera. Our mission home address is: 170 W Duarte Rd. Arcadia, CA 91007 for those who don't know it. Send packages there but I can tell you my apartment tomorrow. My Companion is Elder Dicus from Shelly, Idaho. And sure enough, we had lunch with the president and then after we got to work and started teaching lessons. I taught three i'm pretty sure on that first day. It was rough and I feel like I don't know Armenian at all but that is how i felt in the MTC so I'm sure it will get better. Wednesday I had my first taco bell and it was ever so satisfying! Let me tell you about the armenian group. there are five of us. me elder dicus elder crumrine elder twelves and elder smbatyan who is from yerevan, Armenian. they are all really cool and i've learned alot from them this first week. even though they all talk about me in front of me because i can't understand them fully but i guess that comes with the territory of being the new elder. The schedule here in the field is a lot more on our own which is really nice and it keeps things lively. I've met and talked to a lot of the members in our armenian group. we aren't a branch yet but we will be by the time i leave! We have a few potentials as of right now but nothing significant.

One investigator, Hambarsoon, came to church yesterday and enjoyed it but we haven't talked to him in detail about it so you'll be filled in more tomorrow. thursday we had our weekly district meeting. went well and that night we had a dinner with one of the members, the bradleys who i'm pretty sure i'll be calling from tomorrow. Funny story, friday elder dicus and one of our zl's ate some habenaro peppers and elder dicus threw it back up. kinda funny in a immature way but it made the highlights. The armenian people here are amazing and i love them. they are so hospitable and feed us every time we have a meeting with them. even if they don't have food for themselves they still give some food to us. So overall, it has been a very good week and i've learned a lot! i'm sorry this isn't a long entry but like i said i'm in the apple store and we are calling tomorrow so i'll talk to you family at around 3-4! love you all and I hope you have a merry merry christmas eve and an even better christmas :) 

Elder DeBry

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