Friday, January 18, 2013

Week 4 (1/14/13)

Well the holidays are finally over so things are finally calming down party wise with all these crazy partiers of Armenians. Gotta love them. This week has really flown by fast because our bathroom was being redone so we had to use the other elders above us to get ready then wouldn't be able to come back for lunch or dinner. So lets just say we ate WAY too much fast food this past week. Glad to finally make my own food this next week! Which i''m finding out i'm not too bad of a cook afterall :) 

So last monday was crazy. mostly because i found out that MY BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?! Wow. Definitely need someone to keep me updated with that or else i'm going to die. Seriously. So nothing too exciting besides that news of home and regular errands. Oh but I did have a bomb dinner that is called khash. Its a very thick/dense armenian soup that is awesomely delicious and definitely the most exotic thing i've eaten so far. it is lamb tongue, stomach, cow's calf, and its cooked with the bone in the broth so it turns to a gelatinous mush and you pile on lavash (armenian bread) in it and its really good :) supposedly it is supposed to be eaten with alcohol but since that isn't quite available.... we made do. But yeah so Tuesday we met with one of our part member families and they gave us this really mysterious tea that they kept insisting we drink it because they said it was from a flower so we ended up drinking it but yeah we were skeptical! We had dinner with a less active and it ended up being just me and Elder Dicus because they were going to see their son/brother who was the one that was arrested and is a schizophrenic so they just bought the food and left! 

Wednesday was kind of an adventure because we went to visit a referral I received from some other lady that is in the philipino ward here and lived in LA. so we drove over to LA wednesday night to see her but we chose the wrong time to go and got stuck in traffic and found out that she is really out of our boundary... so we just had to turn back. and we didn't even get to see the hollywood sign! so bummed!! also wednesday night we started our bible study class for our armenian members and non members. it was the first class so we weren't expecting a ton of people to show up but we thought there would be more than three! We had two members and one non member which was really cool. i was really nervous about the class because i can barely get by in a lesson so how was I supposed to teach a bible class?! but it turned out well for the three that were there. it was funny though, one of our members was having problems with his non member wife and he was going off about that so we had to keep redirecting it back to the actual class stuff. Thursday we had our first zone training! well, my first zone training. it was basically just like a bigger district meeting with our zone leaders teaching. it was funny to see our zone leaders teaching because they live above us and we see the not so serious side of them in the mornings and at night.... you can just imagine the good times :) but anyways we had a really good lesson on the vision to baptize people and so we hope to see that more in our lessons. we contacted less actives in the afternoon and we were going to this one lady's apartment who we didn't even know if she lived there but on our way there some guy down the street just randomly was staring at us and started yelling 'SATAN!! SATAN!!!' It was more funny to us because it was so random and yeah :) cool story! some people are just so funny! 

but anyways we had our weekly dinner apointment with the Bradley's and talked about the new movie les miserable. I guess it is really good? it looked awesome in the previews! wonder what other movies i'm missing. someone better be keeping a list of all the must see's when i get back. And that night we had a lesson with our progressing investigator Hambarsoon and we brought our member Haratch with us. So lets just say we gave a bomb lesson and he is getting baptized the first week of February! So I was stoked about that! It could have been an even better lesson if our member would actually let me speak instead of being super impatient and kind of rude that i'm not that great at armenian and speak slowly... dumb. but hey he is getting baptized! It has been really cool to see him progress like he has and to see the time from the first time we met him to now. so yeah! Oh also forgot to mention that thursday they officially started working on our bathrooms and we came home to a completely torn up bathroom! 

Friday morning we planned at the church for lack of privacy in the pad and had a pretty busy day with three lessons. Christine with brother bradley, Elizabet and Sona with Minas, and Abraham. They all went really well. I had been studying patience because of my frustrating with Haratch the night before and it turned out that both Christine, Elizabet and Minas all needed to hear about how to be more patient. Funny because Minas was supposed to be contributing but he was more like we were teaching him too... with him still going on about his wife. Ashot bailed on our plans again so we had a lesson with the other elders wiith this less active family who were all really smart and going to med school and had these two ancient dogs that could barely walk. it was so sad! but we taught them and pinpointed when they had stopped really progressing in the church and found that it was when they stopped reading  the scriptures so we addressed that and got them to read. I was just so caught up about the dogs being so cute but old and depressed! 

So Saturday morning was really funny because we were getting ready at the church (brushing teeth and such) and they were cleaning the church so we had to go into the primary bathroom and some sister who was cleaning the church came in when we weren't looking and was like 'What are you doing???' It scared us and I was in a panic for a reason so i just blurted out "THEY ARE REMODELING OUR BATHROOM!' And it was just funny. Also saturday was the day we learned who was being transferred and such! it was no surprise that none of the armenian group got transferred. found out that one of our zone leaders, Elder Lambson, is getting transferred :/ Sunday was sunday. church was church. don't have a ton to say about it this week in comparison to last. We taught a part member family, Mike and Bridget, and lets just say it wen't a little longer than it should have as usual..... but hey they fed us filet mignon! And finally we had some other lessons with another member family but on our way home we stopped by this potentials house and they were not very nice saying that we had no right to teach... wasn't very nice. 

So that is my week! this email is really long so enjoy!! love you all :) have a great week! 

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