Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 2 (12/31/12)

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been so much better than last week. Well now it just feels like i've been here for a while and i'm used to it but at the same time I am still getting used to things... especially the language. But anyways!! It's been great and I have loved it. Especially getting to talk to everyone last tuesday. I hope everyone's Christmas' were wonderful and filled with holiday joy :) I know mine was that is for sure! But like always, not a ton of time to email so it'll be not as descriptive as the emails from the MTC. So briefly last monday and tuesday. Monday I just want to say, PLL on Jan 8th?!?!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?! Then monday night we got to go to this really nice family's home and have a christmas eve dinner with them and their entire family and it made me feel like at home with all the little kids and great food to eat! So that was a really special dinner to have considering I was missing home in the anticipation of getting to call home.

And of course, Tuesday was Christmas! I loved all that I got so thank you to all those of my family who contributed to that package that made my christmas morning special :) the sweater and ties look great and the treats are delicious and i'm not sure when i'll ever get to play with those random games that were included but i'm sure they will be used. I would also like to that the Williams family for their special christmas package :) I loved it very much and hope your christmas was wonderful :) After our morning studies and presents, we got invited to a breakfast with some members Henry and Lacey for french toast and some catch phrase that was very nice and fun morning. And because that took so much time, we had to run over to Christine's house for an amazing but too filling meal (armenian food is very filling), pretty sure we took home more food than we ate their but that is never a bad thing!! After that we had an appointment with a part member family, Mike and Bridgett, to visit with them and meet them for the first time. We hope to get Bridgett more active and Mike baptized but he has gone through something like 10 sets of missionaries or something like that so we'll see how that goes. And best part of the day, after our appointment with them, we got to go call home at the Bradley household :) And if I know my mom, everyone knows about that already so i won't talk much but i'll just say it was very much needed. Miss you all!! After the call everyone was eating and we were completely filled with a nice dinner yet again. The last thing we did on that day was visit a family who has become less active because a lot of family problems. so overall, a very good christmas :)

Wednesday wasn't quite as exciting but still good. we found a new potential investigator while trying to visit another potential and got to teach him the first lesson that went very well and we plan on meeting him after the new year. That afternoon we got to play some cards at the park with some old armenian men. and it is very hard to understand card talk in armenian so i didn't quite catch on. Thursday we had our weekly district meeting with some absolutely delicious armenian lunch after. man it is sooooooooo good. definitely new favorite kind of food. it isn't even anything spectacular. just really flavorful and actually super super healthy. that afternoon we had another lesson with our investigator Hambarsoon and we were clearing up some questions that he had from the first lesson we taught him. And i actually extended him an invitation to be baptized but he wasn't quite sure why he needed to be baptized when he was already baptized in the armenian church. so at least now we know what to teach him! Later that night we got a call from the sisters in our district to help this armenian family move into their apartment and they ended up inviting us in and feeding us and there were a ton of people there so we hope to get some more people to teach from that contact. And lastly and one of the most interesting lessons we have taught so far, was to this less active woman's son who is legally crazy and probably done a little too many drugs in his life. he was talking about how adam and eve were just a story and we were really created to be observed and as amusement for aliens.... no joke... ALIENS! He was talking for a good 30 min before we just told him we had to go. Quite funny talking to a crazy guy about aliens and how he talks to them and such... some people!

Friday morning during weekly planning we had a lesson with anther less active, Abraham, and he is always really good to teach. We finished up our planning at the church because we were supposed to teach Christine but she called and said she was sick so we ended up going to her house to give her a blessing. On our way back to the apartment from that, we saw Mariam limping up the sidewalk to her apartment and found out she had fallen and hurt her ankle. Taken she is like 70-80 years old, she was in a lot of pain so we helped her walk to her apartment and later that night when riding our bikes back past her place, saw her getting lifted into an ambulence... so hope everything is good!! We know that she has gotten a cast for her broken leg but that is about it. Also that night, found out I had to give a talk on sunday... that was excited to look forward to! Saturday was kinda of a dud because most of our plans fell through because most everyone is sick because of the cold weather. We did end up getting to teach Haratch and Armen which went really well. Kinda don't like teaching them though because Haratch is impatient with my teaching/reading so he cuts me off a lot... not nice! But then things kinda got exciting later that night at dinner with the other elders at this pizza place. We found out that Elder Smbatyan, the one from Armenian, was having a rough time and he just wanted to go home and was basically throwing fits, breaking his missionary tag and jokingly running away from his other two companions.... ROGUE MISSIONARY!! So that was funny to hear about all these mishaps during the day for the other companionship.

And sunday definitely made up for Saturday's slowness. Started off with the combined priesthood and relief society meeting that ended up turning more into a discussion with some contention in the air... in front of investigators... not good. Then I got to give a talk in sacrament! My Armenian was very not fluent and scattered but I pulled off a good 10 min talk! Pretty impressive! I also had to conduct the music which i don't really know how to do so that was fun! Later after church we ran into some guy who him and his girlfriend had just served in the military and was congratulating us for doing something we believed in, that was pretty cool! The rest of the day was good, visiting those who didn't make it to church and we ended up finding this awesome family from Iraq that has only been in the country for about 2-3 weeks and they want us to come teach them the lessons and help them learn english in exchange for them teaching us some Arabic! Elder Dicus and I are super stoked for that. However, we weren't quite as excited when after we had found this family we lost our car and had to walk around forever to find it but it's all good! So yeah that has been my week.

It's been really good and busy but I hope to get some more investigators soon so we have more teaching apointments and not so much having to focus on finding! We'll that is it for now so I will update you all next week! Love you and Happy New Year!!!!!!

Elder Tanner DeBry :) 

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