Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 10 (2/18-2/25)

Բարեվ բարեվ!!! I found out we do have an Armenian keyboard function so I can type in it! Hopefully it shows up! But anyways! This week was pretty awesome! Well as far as I can remember it was awesome. So let me recount. 

     Last Tuesday was really fun. The local community college opened back up from its long winter break and so the new semester started. the zone leaders who serve in the singles ward down here in glendale are in charge of the institute table where they advertise the church and contact people. well the majority of the student population is armenian so the zone leaders invited us up along with some members to contact and it was awesome. rainy and cold but it was still awesome. talking to people your age is much more interesting and casual than talking to old people. as much as you love them, the young people actually have dental hygiene and aren't quite as bluntly honest/rude. later that afternoon we picked up a new elder to the mission, elder compton. he isn't in the armenian group but for some reason we did like a mini exchange before he got to go with his trainer so we had him for the afternoon/night. he was from Brigham City, Utah and a pretty quite guy. we went to a few lessons with him and he didn't say much. Even though the two lessons we brought him to with Hratch and Armen and Helga/Christine were the best lessons we have ever had with them. Hratch actually spoke of his daughter and wanting her and her family being taught. then with Christine she was actually excited to keep the commitment of writing down things she is thankful for in the day. they were awesome. but when it came to knocking later that night, he straight up refused which was kind of funny. Hopefully his trainer is more forceful than we were about making him knock on a few doors! 

     Wednesday after sending Compton off to meet his trainer, we had a lesson with Minas to teach him how he can better help us teach fellow members and even nonmembers. Even though he is one of the more solid members of our group, he still doesn't understand the doctrine. but i love him. seriously one of my favorites of the group. but then we went and helped our other recent convert Christine pick oranges from her massive orange tree. picked about 50 or so. Orange juice anyone? Then we had bible study and no one showed up... but it was still interesting because this homeless lady showed up and kept saying she had no place to stay and she just wanted help. I guess as we found out later that she had come in the church before and she absolutely refuses to go to a shelter but instead wants to be put up in a motel... she claims she is a member from Idaho but she has no idea what she is saying when she tries to explain her situation in idaho. the things you see in Cali! then we finished off with a visit to Antonia and Bella who we finally caught at home together. they work 6 days a week and usually miss church because of it. but we taught them and they shared hilarious stories about the work they do in the convalescent home. I'd share but not too much time. 
     thursday we ran into a guy at the park playing cards and he complimented me on my Armenian and said I have a better accent that Elder Dicus :) Kinda made my day! I guess I have progressed since i've been out. It is hard to see but it is coming slowly and day by day. later that day we saw the homeless lady again trying to break into the church! it was hilarous but the doors were locked and we saw her walk away. we had dinner with the Bradley's but Ashot and Adrineh finally came! I guess their daughter Arpa is stuck up in Canada and can't come back into the US because she isn't a citizen! So that would explain some of the reason why we haven't seen much of them lately. but i guess she is investigating the church up there at some relatives house and wants to live up there now! so i guess it works out alright! Then we stopped by to give Mike and Bridget some oranges from Christine's tree to find that they are fighting! but we talked with them and they seemed to chill out and we left them with each of us saying a prayer because they always argue with who has to say it... and to think they are adults! 

     Friday was very busy on account of a lesson we had before Planning with Varter and her husband that they wouldn't let us leave until they made us food! so that made us late to our planning and had to re-schedule our later visits. WE met up with Minas to go visit Elizabet and actually had a really good lesson with her about how she can act on her faith because she feels like she can do more. but the gem of the night was our lesson with Hambarsoom (which i found out i've been saying/spelling it wrong forever). we taught him about the gospel of christ and it was bomb. so bomb that i went straight into teaching him about the word of wisdom after I finished explaining eduring to the end and he just simply said that he'd keep the commitment to live it! no questions. he only said that he knew he had the faith to live it. straight up!  and that is that! 
     Saturday after our open house of the church, we went and ate at Tommy's burgers just because Dad told me to. Everyone says thanks dad because I decided that I would just have lunch be on you :) so thanks! it made me full enough to start our zone fast that we were doing from Sat-Sun. Our zone has been struggling to have solid investigators so we fasted and it helped already! after lunch we met up with Hambarsoom and took him to a baptismal service at the church just so he could see one. but it was in spanish but thankfully he got the gist of what was going on. later that night we stopped by Edmond and his wife and it was awesome because they were so inquisitive and they invited us to come back next saturday. 
     Sunday was awesome. Hambo's uncle Sedrak came to church (he is the high functioning autistic). we taught mike and bridget and we COMITTED MIKE TO BE BAPTIZED ON MARCH 31! Even though he has some concerns to get answered first we know he can be ready to be baptized on that day. so after all these years he is finally progressing! 

So that is my week. pretty awesome and way stoked about our fast and Mike's/Hambarsoom's lesson. Hopefully things keep going up like they are! Love you all and hope to hear from you all soon! Have a great week! 

 Երեց Դեբրայ
Elder DeBry

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