Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 12 (3/4-3/11)

What a week it has been family and loved ones! I must say, I'm getting word from everyone (well a very few people actually) that it is around the time for spring break already! Next week will be my 5th month. Crazy how time has flown. This week was a long one. Very busy. 

     Tuesday we met with a new potential who was at one point a millionaire in Lebenon. He showed Elder Dicus and I pictures of his crazy life adventures. the more people I meet, the more I realize that I need to get out of Utah more! We checked out a few referrals we got up in Tujunga. Lets just say its pretty ghetto and every other store there had a green cross lit up in the window signifying they prescribed marijuana there. Pretty funny. Tuesday seriously was crazy. I left a lot out but just trust me on this one. 

     Wednesday on the other hand was just a bunch of attempts at trying by people but they weren't home or didn't have time. 

     Thursday was Zone Training up in La Canada. I was feeling a little under the weather but I toughed it out. We had a lesson with a member and it ended really well but before we were about to leave, they started fighting with each other and it was really awkward for us... what do we do when two grown men are yelling at each other?! Then that night we had a new member dinner with Christine and Minas there at the Bradley's. It was really fun and we got to know them better in a more comfortable environment. But I wasn't feeling super well so we stopped by and gave another member a blessing (he mixed two kinds of bleach together and it hurt his eyes at work) and then we went home early. 

     Friday we had to go give Henry a blessing early because he was sick too and was stressed from Midterms and his performance coming up this Thursday at USC. That afternoon we had lunch with the really wealthy guy, Sarkis, and his wife from Lebenon. They aren't super interested in learning from us but they would still like us to come and visit. Later we had a lesson with Hambarsoom and we brought Ashot with us and it was awesome. We had to re-teach the w.o.w. and he understood it after listening to Ashot's experiences with everything. It was awesome. Then right after that we had been invited to attend Bridget's birthday party at Mike's parents house. Which was really good because we met Mike's aunt and she wanted to talk to us more so she took us out for sushi today actually. 

     Saturday we had a lesson with Elizabet and Sona and brought Minas with us. The other Elders have been working with her and her english so we actually got to teach her a lesson that day which was nice. not much else happened. we stopped by Mike and Bridget's to see if they were home and we ended up going to get chinese with them by their house. We also found out that Bridget named her new birds after Elder Dicus and I because we gave her things for her birds as birthday gifts. 

     Sunday we forgot it was daylight savings and slept in half an hour late...oops. Church was normal. Hambarsoom came for Sacrament. Mike and Bridget had to go to a 40 day thing for Mike's uncles funeral. Armenians go back to the gravesite after 40 days and a year. After we went and had lunch with Helga and she actually says she wants to come back to church! she has to make some changes but she wants to come back because she misses the community. That night we taught a lesson to Souren and his two youngest kids, Devin, 10, and Dallar, 8. We taught them about faith and the kids really enjoyed the object lesson we used to illustrate faith. Crazy how little kids catch on so fast. 

     So looking back I guess my week wasn't too crazy. Just regular but at the time it seems crazy! Well I hope everyone is well. I love you all. Thanks for the support.

Elder DeBry

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