Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 11 (2/25-3/4)

Բարեվ բարեվ! I would write more in Armenian but it takes too long to figure out where all the symbols are on this keyboard! But anyways! hello after another beautiful week here in California! It was a long one for some reason but good nevertheless. 
     Last monday we had FHE with the group. And somehow with very little to no planning, Elder Dicus and I pulled a lesson out of no where. The mood went from fighting/hungry members to a happy group wanting to do more family history work. Which is what we taught about. So that was good. Even though I was exhausted after our super early morning hike last Monday. 
    Tuesday started out busy. Elder Fochs and Elder Tovey had a couple lessons planned at the same time so Elder Dicus and I went on splits with them. I got to stay work the booth up at the glendale community college while Elder Dicus went with Elder Fochs to do the lessons. It was a hot day and we just so happened to set up the booth at the time that everyone was in class but we still got a good 15 ish contact information with only an hour and a half. Pretty solid if I do say so myself! Later that night for Elder Crumrine's Birthday, we went out to celebrate at BJ's for some pizza. A guy from the singles ward came with us, Cody Owens, who is going to the Leeds England mission speaking Polish. He left for the MTC this past Wednesday. It was super fun. good food. Even better because the La Liga Championship game between Barcelona and Real Madrid was on the TV while we were there. Unfortunately Real Madrid was up when we left 1-0. We got another 4400 calorie pizzookie. super delicious. But then Later that night we all said good bye to Cody because he got set apart that night. he was a pretty cool guy even though I only met him a few times. 

     Wednesday was Zone Conference from 10-4 and it was awesome. Our Mission President is the man and really knows how to talk to make things seem so easy and do-able. So I got a lot out of that including a sort of 'Missionary Elevator speech' that Elder Dicus and I have been doing this week since then and it has worked magic! Later that night we had a lesson with Elizabet/Sona and we brought Minas along with us. I love Minas but sometimes he really isn't much help in lessons but it turns out that we have to teach him instead of the person we are there to teach. But his heart is in the right place. He is just really unsure of some major doctrine and it caused some problems! good thing that Elizabet and Sona knew there basics. You gotta love him though. Especially because he is the only one who continues to come to our Bible study class...
     Thursday we had quite a few no shows on appointments that we had set up previously. Which is really frustrating because it makes it seem like we run around in circles trying to catch these people when they are home. If only they would just give us their numbers so we could call them to confirm! We had a great dinner with the Bradley's and Ashot and Adrineh that night. It was so awesome that the lesson was going well and in the direction of us being able to pick up Adrineh as an investigator but then because our dinner appointments take so long, we had to leave for our ESL class and the other Elder picked her up instead... not too happy about that. Especially when we show up to class and no one was there! GRR! But we got to go meet up with Mike and Bridget instead and had a great lesson with them about Alma 7. If only they would actually read so we could teach them! But we decided that until they read, we are just going to read with them. 

     Friday was a typical biking/weekly planning Friday. we had an awesome session of contacting at a park where we were planning on just dropping off a French BOM to a Armenian guy from Lebanon  But it turned out to be a BBQ with a bunch of friendly/random Armenian guys who were drinking some hard stuff and cooking some delicious meat on a barbecue! It was awesome and I love the Armenian culture. They look kind of intimidating and not so friendly at first but once they find out you learned their language they open up and offer you whatever they have! Literally! It was funny and we even got an appointment to meet with the Lebanese guy Tuesday. However, the night was finished on a lower note when we went and taught Hambarsoom. He has been doing so well and understanding (or so we thought). We were talking to him about the baptismal service he went to and he said it was good and we tried to set him with a date. But that doesn't really interest him. He just wants to wait until he is ready.... not only that but when we were about to leave we followed up with how he had been doing with the W.o.w. and he said "What is that?" if that explains how well he understood our last lesson. Just don't know what to do with him! 
     Saturday was pretty awesome. We had a mini missionary (a priest age young man from the la canada stake) for the morning and afternoon. Our guy was named Aaron and he was a quite humble guy who was really cool. He got to experience quite a bit for only being with us for a few hours! We had some good street contacts and some faulty lessons. He even tried to give a armenian bom to some armenian lady while Elder Dicus and I were talking to her neighbor. Quite funny to watch and listen to what she was saying. All the time he had no idea what she was saying.
     Sunday, yesterday, was packed full of food. Right after church, which was really good and we had both of our progressing investigators there, we had a lunch with Minas, His wife Sonik, the other Elders, and the Filipino Sisters who have built a relationship with Minas' wife. they made some Parshkahi dishes including some lamb, some khash like soup but not as dense, and a lot of pickled veggies. Not a fan of pickled veggies even though I tried them all. Not even half an hour after that we went and had dinner with Mike and Bridget at the Townsend's house which is amazing and nice up in the la canada area. my first and probably one of the few times i'll have some steak on my mission! After dinner we read more out of Alma 7 with Mike and we actually had a great lesson on Faith. Hopefully that will help him build up enough to keep reading and keep his date of Mar. 31! And then the night ended with the best street contact I've had yet. His name was Pablo and long story short, he is going to come to church, he asked for our information to meet up with us, and he was SUPER grateful for the BOM we gave him. Super awesome. even though we will have to pass him off. still stoked. 

WEll I love you all and hope you have a great week! talk to you all soon!

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