Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 17 (4/8-4/15)

So I am officially 6 months out. Doesn't feel like it but it does at the same time. Weird how that works! 

     After P-day ended on Monday (during which Elder Dicus and I bought healthy food to try and stay healthy.. which was more expensive than the typical box dinners and pasta!), we went and helped Albert and his daughters figure out their phone bill and listen to them explain (more like complain) about their bad haircuts which cost them $6 dollars. Well, that's what you get when you pay that much! The mom is awesome though. whenever we go over, she tells us we need to pray so she can ask us questions. Awesome. 
     Tuesday we had an early morning meeting with the group mission leader to go over the month and set up a calendar that we will be putting together. We are making some changes in the structure in the group to help the growth and development. Had a lesson with Melinda up at GCC. She is one of our few progressing investigators. Because our other 11 yr old canceled on us, we visited Hambarsoom #2 and his family. But he was asleep. His brother (who is a little not all there), has been hearing some stuff about what we do and obviously doesn't like us anymore. We were invited to eat with the Mitchell's up in La Crasenta. Taco Tuesday :) then ESL where Olga (Armen's girlfriend) and Cheri the Egyptian arab showed up who we thought moved away! She is awesome and just brightens anyone's day with her broken english and big smile. Ended up going to teach some less actives with the other elders and watching elder hollands G.C. talk with them and hopefully beginning to meet with them often. 
     Wednesday. Official 1/4 of the way day. Tried to be healthy and make egg white omlettes with tomatos and spinich... still not sure how to extract the yolk of an egg without seeming like you are just playing with a raw egg. Taught our 11 yr old, Talia about the plan of salvation. this was the first lesson it was truly difficult to teach because we were being way too complicated. but she said she understood. Probably not but it was our bad. We stopped by Souren's house who we hadn't seen for a while. His family wasn't home but we taught him a good little lesson. 
     Thursday we had Zone Training up in La Crasenta. Our new ZL Elder Bangerter is a good teacher for sure. Him and Tovey gave a good lesson on commitments. Went up to GCC for a bomb lesson with Melinda. She remembered all the key points from our last lesson with her about the Restoration and said she would come to church. unfortunately she didn't. I'll get to that though. ESL that night, Minas showed up! we had seen him earlier by his apartment across the street from the church. If you remember, Minas is the one whose wife wanted a divorce and him to move out if he kept coming to church. So i'm assuming he came to english class without her knowledge. 
     Friday we had a surprise cleaning check. good thing i learned from the best to keep our place nice and tidy! had a lesson with Varter who hasn't been coming to church because she has been in and out of the hospital with her diabetes. She is doing better though and just needs permission from her doctor to come again. Weekly planning was awesome. We have 12 investigators. As of Friday we had half of those progressing. It was awesome. Super happy about the progress we have made from when I first got here with 1 investigator and a ton of potentials. We made our own pizza for dinner at Khoa's house. Had a lesson with Albert's family. Taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Committed all four of them to a baptismal date of may 26th. ]
     Saturday we did some service for the less active member, Susanna, whose son died a few weeks ago. She had us pack her garage into a moving truck and then unload it again into a storage unit. we could have made it in one trip if she hadn't been such a horder! it was ridiculous the kinds of stuff that she was putting in storage. but It's her deal! We are just here to help and move stuff. We had dinner with the ZL's at this place called MexiCali downtown LA. A member owns it so we elders eat for freeeeeee! Stopped by our friends the Uzbekistani family. Only caught the parents and the youngest home but we talked about what he had read and he just kept coming back to the same thing that we just choose whatever we like and hold strong to that. So we dropped him and told him to call us. But they did feed us some Uzbeki food which was super healthy and delicious while the little girl gave us the cereal KIX in a bowl to eat with our hands :) So cute!  
     Sunday was weird going to church after no regular meetings for two weeks. we walked over to walk with Poulet, Benet and Romina to church but the daughters were asleep... the mom (Romina) couldn't communicate with us because she only speaks Farsi so we just told her no worries and left... bummer. Next week though! Armen Gvorgian brought this lady, Anna, from Holland to church though who is an Armenian member from there just here to visit her sister for a month. It was awesome to see a solid Armenian member when we have so few. Church was good. Anoush during her testimony started talking to us Elders about how she hopes we go home to find good wives and girlfriends and have good lifes. Kind of funny because the English people didn't get why we were blushing and laughing. Mike and Bridget invited us to a birthday party in Azusa a ways away. they went to some place like boucing off the walls and played dodgeball but we were still in church clothes so we didn't. we met some of their friends and cousins so it was awesome that we got to go. after we got back we had a lesson with Souren. Well Souren's kids and one of their cousins (all under age 10). So that was fun. Hard to keep their attention but they liked our object lessons. Especially when fire was involved. Little kids are the greatest to teach. So fun! then we had another great lesson with our frustrating friend Edmond. Who wasn't so frustrating today! we answered his questions of how he can make his kids happy and why women never lead a church or anything like that (mainly because of his women's history class he is taking) but it was a good question. 

all and all. awesome week. Love you all. Hope to hear from you soon! 

Elder DeBry

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