Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 21 (5/6-5/13)

 What a wonderful week it has been here in beautiful Glendale! Although I'm not a fan of this hot weather. Especially having to be in my lovely missionary attire. But hey you gotta do what you gotta do! My tan lines sure are coming along. So it was very good to hear from the family yesterday. I hope all are well. For those of you who are wondering in light of my recent transfer, which i'll explain below with my weekly update, my new address is: 485 Riverdale Dr. Apt #4 Glendale, CA 91204. Same address but just different apartment number! So unfortunately in the rush that I was in this morning from moving upstairs to my new apartment, I left my planner back at the pad so this weeks email won't be quite as much of a play-by-play. Just more of whatever I can remember! 
     So this past week was very eventful even if I can't remember it all! As I might have mentioned last week, this Wednesday was Elder Dicus' 21st birthday so leading up to that and even for the rest of the week was a celebration with him. Last monday I remember we went down to China town because I had never been down there before. I definitely thought it would have been more exciting than it was but it was still cool. It was a kind of rainy day and so it called for some shopping. Even though I didn't buy anything. Got Elder Dicus to buy some brown shoes. Now he is a real missionary. While we were down there though I got a call from one of the Assistants, Elder Nielson, telling me that I will be attending Zone Leader Council with a one Elder Keels from the South Pasadena area... I wasn't sure what that meant but I kind of just had a feeling all week that I was probably getting transferred and It wasn't going to be with Elder Dicus anymore. 
     So the next day most of the day was spent counselling with the other Zone Leaders from the mission and our Mission president. Not much to say about that other than I was just kind of auditing and it was odd to be out of the Glendale atmosphere with a bunch of other Elders and Sisters who I wasn't familiar with. But it was great being able to be instructed by our Mission President and his Wife.
     Finally Wednesday rolled around and it was time to celebrate with Elder Dicus! I tried to make it a special day for him so I did some stuff around the house for him in the morning and then we just went to work as usual. Did some GCC stuff I'm pretty sure and then some of the singles ward members wanted to come to lunch with us at some hawaiian barbecue place which was pretty good. There were even armenians working there! But the day was awesome and we got a lot done and even had bro. bradley take us out for some dinner before he helped us out with a lesson. The kicker though was at the end of the day I had arranged for the other Armenian elders and the Zone leaders to be back at our pad to surprise Elder Dicus with some red velvet cupcakes and dowse him with silly string and water. Good time good times :)
     Thursday was exciting because the Zone leaders asked me to help them teach at zone training because I had been there when they were instructed by President on Tuesday. So I was pretty nervous especially because I'm one of the youngest in our zone as in experience wise but when they told me when I needed to teach it was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot! I guess talking in front of people isn't as bad as I thought! But it was good. Had some great armenian food after with the zone at our favorite place and then went about our day until the dinner with the Bradley's and then English class right after. Minas showed up again and it was hilarious. Some how we started talking about belly buttons and he went around to us asking/feeling for what kind of a belly button we had!
     Friday was an awesome day. It was bike day so after we finished morning studies and did some weekly planning with the other elders we all went out to Outback Steakhouse for lunch which was bomb and after the giftcard, was only $4 :) The rest of the day was slow. Ashot was supposed to take us out to celebrate with him at BJ's with a pizzookie, but he canceled as usual and wasn't able to come to our lesson with Albert and his family either. But Bro. Bradley and his wife came instead even though that just meant more translating for us. The whole lesson basically just consisted of following up on their reading, praying and especially the word of wisdom. Man the girls are such complainers!! Even Bro. Bradley made a comment on how immature they are for being 27 and 22 years old! But they are not making a very good attempt of keeping our commitment of that. But their friend came towards the end and expressed interest in learning so maybe that is who we are supposed to teach! But we will see. Just frustrating to see that when a things get a little hard that this family could just kind of quit/give up even though they know it is right. Kinda sad really. 
     Saturday was also awesome. Ashot came up with a great idea to get church tours. That was to give free car washes and while people wait, they can take a tour of the church. Brilliant right? So that is what we did for the first part of the day on Saturday. We washed about 10 ish cars and the other sisters and some elders got some tours out of if and I think even some potentials! So that is something we are going to do from now on every other week or so. But right after that I took Elder Dicus out for his birthday lunch at some sushi place with the Zone Leaders. between three of us ordering the all you can eat, we ate about 18 rolls. Approximately 36-42 rolls a person. Not bad! We also followed up on a referral we got from some other elders out of glendale and it turned out to be some girl that is very willing to learn and actually said that we should come back and teach her cousin and brother when they didn't have guests over. However the rest of the day wasn't super busy. we were going to stop by Albert again but he canceled even though we were just going to drop off tea and milk for his family. But then Saturday night we got our transfer calls. I am being transferred to work in the Glendale 2nd and 7th wards. One is a youth ward and the other a family ward. I will be working with Elder Bangerter as a Zone Leader for this La Crasenta stake. So that is exciting! I have known Elder Bangerter for the last transfer and he is super cool and a great missionary so it will be a good transfer. I am excited to work with him. Bummed that I'm not with Elder Dicus. He will be working with Elder Twelves in the 1st ward and the armenian group so I'll still see him every now and again though. Glendale isn't that big. 
      Yesterday was really good. Church was pretty good. We did another musical number and sang in sacrament meeting. That was fun. But then we got to call home! It was awesome to hear from you. The rest of the day was pretty good. Stopped by Ashots and dropped off stuff to Albert. 

Overall, just awesome week. I loved hearing from home! I will be able to talk to you in a few months. But I hope you all have a great week! 

Much love,

Elder DeBry

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