Thursday, May 30, 2013

Week 23 (5/20-5/28)

WHY HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Family, Friends and loved ones! It has been a marvelous week here in getting-hot-Glendale. Maybe it is just because this morning we went to Forest Lawn (a massive famous cemetery) here in Glendale and it turned out to be QUITE the adventure. So it all started last night. We were driving home and we stopped by the gate to see what time everything was open because they have a museum and a mausoleum and such. We talked to this security guard and tried to convince him to show up where Walt Disney and Micheal Jackson were buried (yes it is where the celebrities are buried) but alas he said no one gets personal tours of private property like the mausoleum. So this morning after we threw in our laundry we headed over and saw the big famous 100' x 45' painting that they have of Christ on Calvary which we also took pictures which we weren't really supposed to. After that Elder Dicus and Elder Twelves showed Elder Bangerter and I where Walt Disney was buried. Which was very anticlimactic because there wasn't any big Mickey Mouse statue or anything. Just his name with some relatives on a plaque. But then we made our way over to the 'Great Mausoleum' and looked at the marvelous stain glass windows and such. Then Elder Bangerter ended up just wandering around which we weren't supposed to be doing but one thing lead to another and we were going up stairs and then out of seriously tens of thousands of burial places/shrines and such in this one place, we found the tomb of Micheal Jackson! It was so awesome! Not much sooner after we found it and took pictures we realized that this was the only corridor that had cameras all over and so we got out pretty quick. But it was awesome :) So that is my day so far! But as for this past week. 
     Because we don't have a lot of time to email today I'll just sum up what happened or the highlights. So this past week was really busy. Elder Bangerter and I are still trying to just stop buy a ton of people to get to know the area better and build more relationships especially in the family ward. One family we are working with has been on and off inactive but they have two boys who aren't baptized yet and so we have been working with them and it has been going really well. Different teaching in English. I tend to make things more complicated than they are. But it is good experience for sure. I have learned a lot from Elder Bangerter and his different teaching style. Also this past week one of our investigators in the family ward (who is actually Armenian) invited us to his business opening house thing/tour so we went to support him. It is one of those businesses kind of like when people go sell security systems and after they become so good they can have their own team and such. Except Ervin does finacial consulting kind of. But anyways long story short he basically invited us to this thing so when we go out and about and run into someone who is having financial struggles, we can refer them to him. So he obviously doesn't understand our purpose. We picked up a few new potential investigators this week from some pass off lessons with Elder Dicus as well from going up to the college and talking to people. We are really pushing to go up there a lot because the sememster is coming to a close and no one really goes up there for the summer so we need to get stocked up on information to keep us busy! Other than that, our other investigators are doing really well. Our other family ward investigator Gina is golden. Seriously she loves meeting, reading, church and she wants to be baptized so badly she is just eating everything up we tell her so she is set with a solid date of June 9 but we are trying to get her boyfriend Forest to baptize her so it depends on when he will be able to. But I still just am waiting to meet that one Armenian person/family who is just like that. Waiting to learn and understand. So we will wait and see if I can find them. I know they are out there somewhere. Oh! Cool fact of the day. In our ward we have some kid that was little Bryan in the Hangover part 2. So that was pretty cool! And yesterday we had Zone conference up in La Crasenta. Usually us Zone leaders would have taught half of it after President and Sister Becerra but they wanted to take the whole time to focus on what they taught. Fine by me! Other than that and some other little errands we have had to run during the week, I haven't noticed much difference of being a Zone Leader. I still just feel the youngest and least experienced compared to everyone else. But It will come right? Anyways we had a lovely couple of barbecues yesterday to commemorate Memorial Day. I hope everyone else did the same. 

Well that is it for the week! I love you all. Catch you next p-day with more adventures!! 

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