Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 26 (6/10-6/17)

Good morning family and friends! This past week has been an awesome week. Plenty of adventures and tales to tell. 
     Last Monday I was convinced into buying a suit from J.o.S. A Bank for a killer deal that they could only get if four people bought.. so might want to keep an eye out for that on the statement. I'll be sure to send pictures when it is finished being tailored and such. We got a call from Chuck Stapel letting us know that Edna isn't doing too well and we made a good effort to visit her this week. Which turned out to be quite the story that I'll tell further down. I'm finding out that some of the families that we have dinner with are just as odd as we are back at home! It is hilarious to see some of the things people say even in front of missionaries. Quite hilarious so that made me feel more at home and always a good laugh. 
     Tuesday afternoon we ended up going to our Armenian deli for lunch where the owner's son (who was six and spoke adorable Armenian) took our order. Quite hilarious. Especially to see him spell tomato: TOWEMATO. Kids. We went up to the hostpital and stopped by Edna to find Chuck and one of his daughters there as well who had to come from Salt Lake from a high school graduation. Pretty cool to see that much devotion from a guy who doesn't exactly wear his heart on his sleeve. I mean he makes knives and guns for a living and doesn't stop making fun of me for speaking armenian (most americans here in glendale don't exactly LOVE the Armenian population.) Found out her body still isn't able to keep potassium and salt balanced. Kinda odd. Anyways. We had some great lessons. One was with the Sinor family. We now have both Zack, 10 yr old, and Sean, 8 yr old, scheduled for the end of the month and their father to baptize them both. Next we picked up a new investigator whose name is Chaiwat from Thailand. He is here in LA working towards medschool and ran into a guy who recently moved down here from teaching at the MTC. So he got him interested in learning more and found us. It is different teaching him because he has a Buddhist background and so we have to start from the very beginning of everything. But he is really cool and already has come to church twice. 
     Wednesday after some zone leader errands to the office I went on a split with Elder Selfridge to teach our recent convert Anthony who hasn't been coming to church lately. He says he might just want to go to the ward that is right around the corner from him. Hence why I brought Elder Selfridge with me. But we talked to him and he says he might still want to come to the singles ward to get he priesthood and there is a girl he likes that goes there... so we will see. Also met up with Chris who we haven't been able to meet with because of finals going on. It was cool we really got him to open up on some of his past and some concerns he has that explain why he was asking about the wrath of God. Also that evening we got to walk through some downtown LA projects which was pretty sketch. But don't worry Mom we made it out alive :) 
     Thursday was a pretty slow day. We didn't have anything set so we worked on some transferring of information from our ward information to our area book and such. Yeah i know that doesn't sound fun at all right? But it has been helpful to get to know who is most effective to go by and such. Had dinner with a young family and the wife said she gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy... not sure if that is normal or not but the pictures of her feet she showed us looked like balloon animals. Then we had a second surprise dinner with Forest and Gina at Gina's apartment due to the bed bugs in Forest's apartment. But she was super stoked to be confirmed this past Sunday. It really is so cool to see how happy she is. Truly happy and I've only known her for a month. 
     Friday we had weekly planning and a coordination meeting with our mission President at his house with our new ward mission leader and assistant in the single's ward. It was pretty productive. Our new mission leader is a guy who is already working on his PhD and he is only 24, a return missionary and goes to Cal Tech. And the assistant is a recent convert of a year and has already gone through the temple and is super good at organizing events. So we think we are about to cook up some good things in the next little while. But we will see. We had our main lesson cancel on us because the guy, Wells, wants to bring another one of his Pastor friends because they know the doctrine well. He basically just wants to see us have a discussion and he is going to base his decisions off of that. 
     Saturday we just tried by a bunch of referrals we have received this week and ended up almost teaching this Armenian lady but got a little intimidated when we had another companionship show up to have another man. Oh well. That night we were invited to a graduation party of a less active and her family who has one less active daughter and one not baptized. But they just aren't too interested. 
     Sunday was Father's Day! So happy late father's day for all the Dads out there! it was a great day. In the 2nd ward we confirmed Gina and she was just glowing after. The ward is really taking a liking to her. Also never thought I'd miss childrens singing programs until I saw a mass of toe heads sing a father's day song. Then in the 7th ward we had a few investigators come and we finally got Anthony back to church to talk to the bishop. We had some dinner with the Boyack family who fed us a nice barbecue dinner of burgers, sausage and steak. Noms. Then we met by some leaders in the ward to try and build their trust. So yeah! 

Overall, it was a great week! Hope everyone had a great week and an even better one coming up! Love!

Elder DeBry

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