Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 30 (7/8-7/15)

Why HELLOOOOOOOOOOO! (Ms. Doubtfire voice). So this week has been awesome. Today's schedule has been a little thrown off due to some early errands so not much time to write but I'll try and fit some good stuff in :) 
     I also forgot my planner so I can't look back at what happened this week so this is all off of memory! Except I just used Elder Griffitts planner (which is basically empty)  to remind me of some things and I found some legit boogers in his planner. Just thought I'd let you all know :) Love him though! 
     So this week like I said was pretty busy. Tuesday we had a special meeting with President Becerra with our Zone because of the slower work that has been going on in this area. He just wanted to give us kind of a pep talk to boost our faith in the work and ourselves. Which definitely worked! Our productivity from our weekly numbers tripled in some areas which was awesome to see as a zone leader. 
     We had a lesson with our investigator, Christina, that night which at first was a little scary because it was basically downtown LA and her drunk neighbor was around in her apartment building wanting to ask us questions. But it turned out well. we also had a lesson with Chris this past week. We haven't been able to meet up with him because long story short he was homeless at one point and is now joining the navy... but he is still willing to learn! which is always a good thing. 
     Next was Ervin. Our Iranian Armenian investigator who I haven't met since my first week with Elder Bangerter. We basically confirmed the fact that he was meeting with us to increase his business circle in his business and have people work for him (he works for one of those pyramid business like deals and the owners are from the Church). But we basically laid it down for him! So much that he went from saying he'd never join the church in fear of being tied down to anything that would hurt his image, to make him have a loss for words after getting after him and then having him ask us how he can help people better with the church. So I would definitely say it was the best lesson we have had with him.
      We also got to meet up with my Anthony this past week and help him try and do some missionary work with his friends. He is doing so well. he is consistently coming to church. he is trying to do missionary work. He has since his baptism which was the last day of march, finished the book of mormon, the old testament and pretty sure almost done with the new testament as well. And he will be doing baptisms this week. Super excited for him :) Love him. 
     And finally the last person we really focused on this week was K. We gave him the final lesson and went over the baptismal questions with him. At first he was kind of a little shaky on some of the questions which made me nervous but this past week he has been helping some sisters in the LA mission teach to some other thai girl who is learning about the church and his member friend who went with him said he was bearing pure testimony about him getting baptized this next Sunday. Super excited for him. 
     Next exciting thing was our ward mission conference this past friday which was AWESOME. We had our regular meeting in the morning where the assistants and President and his wife addressed us. But after it was a summer party with games, water fights and lunch :) It was super fun. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy feeling like a normal person and getting other people wet/playing soccer. But it was super good. Much needed that was for sure. 
     Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Twelves which wasn't too exciting. They didn't have many lessons set and the ones they did have canceled... so that was super unfortunate. But I really enjoyed doing armenian work again. I've really missed doing missionary work for the people that I was called to serve. Hopefully soon I'll be going back to the group... But we will see. 
     Yesterday was an awesome day at church followed with an awesome lesson with Natalie, Trea and two of his girls! It was kind of a long lesson with all the disractions that were going on (aka Daniel the most adorable 1 year old) but ultimately we picked the other daughter up as an investigator, and help them set a goal to work towards as a family baptism at the end of August! So we were super excited about that. 

Overall it was a super good week. busy and That is the way it should be. Love and miss you all! Have a great week! 

Elder DeBry

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