Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 27 (6/17-6/24)

So by this time next week I'll no longer be a teenager! How sad is that? I definitely don't feel like I'm 20 and other times I feel much, much older. I guess that is what responsibility does to you! So this week was very interesting on accord of transfers today. Which I'll tell about below. 
     So after P-day last week, Tuesday was kind of a slow day. We were supposed to do some service which entailed moving some companionships around to different appartments but we found out that we didn't have a truck at our disposal like we planned. So we resorted back to just trying by people. It was kind of a bitter afternoon because it was slow and hot. The people we stopped by were not exactly the friendliest group of people telling us that we'd "have no success in this area" and people continually just opening, looking at who was there, and then closing it again. But the evening picked up with a dinner with the Boyack family, a solid lesson with the Sinor family in which they are planning on having the baptism the 30 of this month, and then we had a lesson with our Thai investigator and set him with a solid date of 21 July! So the day turned out to be good overall. 
     Wednesday after we made a run to the office we got another call from Chuck Stapel telling us that Edna wasn't doing so well. Thankfully/Unfortunately we had our afternoon apointment with Ervin/Aylin (Iranian Family) cancel so we could go visit her and give her a blessing. We went and found out that she was not in a very good condition and some family had come up to see if she was going to make it. After we gave her a blessing we had a lesson with Chris on forgiveness. He has some stuff in his past that he just can't get over and that is stopping his progression because he just can't get over whatever it was that happened. Later we had a lesson with Anthony about the priesthood since he was ordained this past Sunday as a priest. By me :) Had a dinner with the Flake family and found out that Bro Flake served in Greece with one of the MTC teachers I had which was cool. We stopped by Trea and Natalie to find that one of his daughters was there so we taught about faith hope and charity which I had been studying about this past week. Pretty cool topic in my opinion. But the big news of the day was when we got a call from President that night to tell Elder Bangerter that he was going to be the next Assistant since Elder Nielson is going home tomorrow. So for the rest of the week he partially inherited the duties of an Assistant. Leaving me to be with Elder Griffitts, the visa waiter who is from Cour de'lane Idaho and is super funny. 
     Thursday I was with Elder Griffitts all day as Elder Bangerter went into the office to help finalize transfers with Nielson, Garcia and President. We went to Elder Dicus' last district meeting and then went to lunch after. The rest of the afternoon was us going to get our oil changed and having to sit and watch the dramatic daytime television which is pretty ridiculous to watch. Not just as a missionary. I gave Elder Griffitts some time to do some language study since he never gets to with the busy schedule of the AP's. At dinner Elder Bangerter finally came back and it was as if he was already not my companion anymore with how much he couldn't tell me what was going on. We had another bomb lesson with K though and really solidified his progress. 
     Friday I was with Elder Griffitts again. For lunch we went to the Las Vegas seafood buffet for only $12! It was awesome. All we could eat sushi and brazilian grill. It was awesome. But the rest of the afternoon consisted of me planning. For the week. By myself. while Elder Griffitts took a nap from his long day of street contacting with the other Visa waiter, Elder Zarco. Not super fun. But we ended up having a good lesson with Gina about her going to the temple soon to do baptisms so that was awesome. 
     Saturday was half with Elder Bangerter and Griffitts. We had a practice baptism with the Sinor boys because they are uneasy in the water. Which was a good thing we did because it would have gone really horribly if they hadn't had the time to get used to going under the water. But it went pretty good! Should be an interesting next Sunday! Later that afternoon when I was back with Griffitts we ended up talking to some old little Armenian grandmas on the sidewalk for a good time and eventually I was giving out pictures of Christ like they were money/trading cards. I miss the old ladies. A lot. Just armenians in general. So that night was transfer call night. I am staying in the same area. Bangerter is going to be Assistant. And my new companion is Elder Mendoza from Barcelona, Spain. He has been out for a year and a half and has been only in Spanish work and President wants me to work with him on his English before he goes home in the next few months. Which will be a lot of fun! Interesting. But fun. 
     Sunday was crazy. Two wards to go to full of meetings. I ordained Anthony a Priest. K came with all of his buddies. One of whom I knew down at BYU. Paul Saddler. Then went to the broadcast of the mission presidents seminar which was awesome and we will now be going more towards media missionary stuff. Not sure how excatly but i'm thinking maybe iPads? Smart Phones?  Then right after that we went to the farewell for departing missionaries. Elder Dicus is leaving tomorrow and it was really hard to see him go. He was a great Elder and I was very lucky to know him.

Well I gotta go so I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 

Elder DeBry

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