Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 28 (6/24-7/1)

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! They have made my day today and all the letters and packages definitely made Saturday one to remember. So thank you all. I felt very loved even from so far away! 
     So this past week was just straight up stressful and overwhelming. First week since I've been out to manage not just the area but the zone as a whole. I've really learned a lot of patience and especially learned how much I've grown since I've been out here. I've learned a lot being with Elder Mendoza who is the most humble Elder I could ever meet. But also we have had Elder Griffitts stay with us this past week and hopefully for the rest of the time he is here. He is awaiting a visa to Brazil. He is a ball of fun and made the week full of laughs. 
     After a p-day full of soccer. Seriously we played for 3 hours and I got roasted in the 100 degree heat. Which has been killer this week. the day wasn't super eventful. Mostly because I just can't recall what happened. 
     Tuesday we had a set appointment that the girl didn't show up to. So we met with Khoa, our assistant ward mission leader and he pitched to us this big plan to have a toy/can food drive towards the beginning of august to get a ton of people at our church. We stopped by Edna Stapel again because she was on a down again and some of her grandkids were even there. It breaks my heart to see people in so much pain but not being able to help them. She kept saying "I want to join Nickel" who was another man this past week who passed away in our ward. So after that joyful visit we had our last lesson with Zach and Sean before they were baptized this past Sunday. The rest of the day was quite funny just getting used to Elder Mendoza's broken english and Elder Griffitts and his spunky atttitude. seriously the best threesome in the mission. That night we had a lesson with K about the restoration which was awesome and he is progressing so well and looking forward to his baptism. 
     Wednesday got all messed up because after the regular morning and some really bad lunch that we made at home, the Ap's called and had us come help with painting for a potential which was pretty fun. So that took up until dinner and our lesson with another lady Christina who is an ex-wife of a less active in our ward. The lesson went awesome and I got Elder Griffitts to participate more. The AP's never really let him participate and he just fell to the third wheel position. But Elder Medoza was still quiet. Trying to learn english work is hard even I admit. Didn't help that she was sarcastically doubting he wanted to come on a mission and his parents didn't force him to. But he just has to get used to the sarcastic humor. 
     Thursday was good. We had a solid district meeting in the new district consisting of the DL, us ZL's and the AP's. So you know it is good. We had some lack of communication this week with the AP's who kind of leave us out of the working with leadership and coordination so that only added to stress of the week. And after that we got another call from Chuck Stapel to give Edna another blessing. We got there and they told us she wasn't going to make the night. So they had me say the blessing in Armenian which was super hard after not doing it in a while. Long story short with her, she passed away the next day after all she had accomplished. Going to miss her and her calling us 'the children'. The rest of the night didn't get much better. We had to seriously search for a gas station with no gas in our car and after 4 different places finally found one that took a credit card. Which made us super late to our lesson with K. Which actually went super well about teaching him the word of wisdom. 
     Friday we got to meet up with Anthony. I was super happy for him for getting the priesthood and now we have him going to the temple this week to do baptisms. Which is AWESOME. super proud of him. Then our schedule got messed up again because we had to do more errands for the office to help people move things to their apartment.
     Saturday was my birthday! After the usual get up at 6 to read scriptures me and Elder Twelves, whose birthday is the 30th, opened our packages which I loved from everyone. So thank you again. Then the day was pretty normal kind of. We went to the armenian group picnic for lunch and ended up having a massive water fight and i got cake frosting all over me. It was awesome :) Then we did some weekly planning or attempted before we caught the end of our family ward barbecue at this mansion of a house. Then we stopped by Trea and natalie because their little boy who turned one has the same birthday and we shared a lesson with them. So it was a really good birthday. 
     Then came Sunday. I just knew it was going to be stressful and it was for the first half of the day. We had to go over to the church early to fill the font to make sure it was ready for inbetween the singles ward and family ward block. We got everything set up and after the family ward block the baptism happened and it was a good thing we did a practice run! the dad was super nervous, wearing the wrong jump suit, he had to redo the baptism twice for the older son and three time for the younger to get them all the way under. Not to mention him being nervous about the prayer. But it was so good to see them and their family together. It was a great baptism. Then we had the singles ward. one member gave me a cupcake for my birthday. K got a ride to and from church not to mention him just making friends while he was there. It was a solid meeting. Then we had a great dinner with a member whose laugh is hilarious. then to end the day we had a lesson with a less active and her non member daughter. it was awesome. Just awesome day. 

Awesome week. Love you all. still can't believe I'm 20! 

Elder DeBry

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